U-HAUL Rentals and Sales in Gardiner, Maine, and Surrounding Areas

Remove Moving Stress by Renting a U-HAUL at Gardiner Rental Center

Gardiner Rental Center provides U-HAUL rentals and sales in Gardiner, Maine, and surrounding areas. Do you need high-quality lift equipment at affordable prices? Gardiner Rental Center rents U-HAUL trucks for easy and convenient transport of anything you would need to move.

We carry 10-foot to 26-foot trucks and cargo vans. U-HAUL has provided quality hauling services since 1945. With a storied history dating back that far, U-HAUL has stood the test of time and practically cornered the market on utility vehicles. You can have confidence and peace of mind when operating a U-HAUL truck that they are held to a high standard. 

U-HAUL is one of the most trusted brands in do-it-yourself hauling and we are proud to rent their products. Call us at (207) 588-0566 or contact us today for more information.

Trucks & Trailers

U-HAUL; A Great Brand of Vehicles for Jobs of Any Size

Our U-HAUL trucks come in many sizes for any need. We have U-HAUL pick-up trucks for smaller jobs up to full-sized trucks for moving large objects. Most of our U-HAUL vehicles are automatic shift vehicles so instructions are as simple as being able to drive. 

If you can drive a car there is a good chance you can operate a U-HAUL just fine. We clean and maintain our U-HAULS well to ensure a sanitary and safe experience for each customer.

Trust Gardiner Rental Center for U-HAUL Rentals and Sales

Whether you are moving to a new home, or need to haul large equipment, call on Gardiner Rental Center. We offer U-HAUL rentals of various sizes to successfully haul whatever you need. Gardiner Rental Center can set you up with one of the most trusted brands in hauling equipment on the market.

We also offer used U-HAUL sales should you need to own one for yourself. Call Gardiner Rental Center today to see what we have for you in Gardiner, Maine. Our helpful staff will help you find the right size to meet your needs.

Contact Gardiner Rental Center today for U-HAUL rentals and sales in Gardiner, Maine.