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Gardiner Rental Center Advice on the Operation of our Excavators

Gardiner Rental Center provides excavator rentals to Gardiner, Maine, and surrounding areas. Safety is always a top priority so our excavators always come with detailed instructions. Below are some instructions but please refer to the manual before operating any of our equipment. 

Please do not operate this or any large machinery without a solid understanding of the machine. Installed safety procedures, operating procedures, and precautionary measures are for the safety of the customer. Your safety is important to us. Please be certain you understand everything before attempting to use these or any machines we rent or sell.


Safe Operation of Excavator Rentals in Gardiner, Maine

Always be sure to be in the operator seat and make sure all levers are in neutral positions before starting the engine. To operate the blade, pull back on the left joystick to raise it and push forward to lower it. The blade must be set hard into the ground before excavating for stability. 

Move the cab by locating the right joystick and pushing it in the direction you need to turn. Use the claw to dig dirt or push dirt back into open holes to fill them. Please note that these are very basic operation instructions. Follow up on instructions by reading the manuals provided. We also provide instructions either in the store or via phone call. 

Call today at (207) 588-0566 to explore our stock of excavation equipment or to contact us about operating procedures.

Excavator Rentals for Hassle-Free Use

Do you need high-quality excavation equipment at affordable prices? Gardiner Rental Center has the equipment you need. For digging large quantities of dirt, rocks, sand, mulch, or anything in between, excavators make the job go much faster. With an excavator provided by Gardiner Rental Center, you can be certain the equipment is well maintained and operates smoothly. We pride ourselves on our equipment and take great care to provide a quality product for you. Please refer to our operation instructions on this page or contact us today for more information.

Gardiner Rental Center provides excavator rentals to Gardiner, Maine, and beyond.