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Gardiner Rental Center provides lift rentals to Gardiner, Maine, and beyond. Do you need high-quality lift equipment at affordable prices? Gardiner Rental Center provides powerful Genie brand lifts for rent and use. Please refer to our operation instructions on this page or contact us today for more information. We also accept phone calls for further instructions on the machine at (207) 588-0566.


Genie Lift Operating Instructions

Before Entering the Lift

There are several points of safety with the Genie lift systems. As you will be high in the air, please always wear the provided harness equipment with your lift. Do your best to avoid hazards and overhead obstructions that could hinder the lift and cause the operator harm. Only use the machine as instructed and for no other activities.

Review all of the pre-operation instructions and be completely familiar with the functions before entering the lift. Perform a functionality test on the ground before proceeding with lift operation. Finally, perform a workplace inspection to be sure your area is clear of any potential hazards to you or the lift.

Ground Panel Directions

There will be a key system on the ground panel. The center is the off position where everything should start. From there you can turn the key to the right or the left. The right will allow access to the ground panel functions. Turning the key to the left will allow the panel in the lift to function. The functions of the lift are similar on each.

There will be a panel of buttons for the various functions of the lift. Red is the emergency stop to cut power to your lift in an emergency and should only be used as such. Do not use the emergency stop as a routine stop for the machine.

The panel will contain buttons of each of the lift functions along with two color-coded buttons. Hold down the button of the function you want to perform. Then in conjunction, hold the color indicated in which direction you want the lift to move.

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Gardiner Rental Center provides lift rental services to Gardiner, Maine and beyond.