Skid Steer Rentals in Gardiner, Maine, and Beyond

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Gardiner Rental Center Offers Powerful and Efficient Skid Steers

Gardiner Rental Center provides skid steer rentals in Gardiner, Maine, and beyond. Skid steers can provide far more efficient ways to move and haul large piles of dirt, mulch, and much more. Please refer to our operation instructions on this page or contact us today for more information. We also accept phone calls for further instructions on the machine at (207) 588-0566.


Operating the Skid Steer Safely

Operation of the skid steer can be intimidating for a new user. It is important to always remain safe and be mindful of the operating procedures. When entering the skid steer always maintain three points of contact on the machine. Be mindful of anything you can catch your foot or hand on when entering the cab. 

Once inside, fasten your seatbelt and lower the lap safety bar. The machine will not operate without these steps. Turn the skid steer ignition to the on position when secure, then turn the parking break off to begin use. There will be two joysticks to manipulate that will operate the steering and the bucket.

Operating the Boom and Bucket

The boom and bucket joystick is on the right-hand side. The boom is the part that raises and lowers, while the bucket holds your cargo. When moving your skid steer, be sure to keep the bucket slightly raised to prevent scraping. Pull back on the joystick to raise the boom, push forward to lower the boom. You can pull the stick to the right to open the bucket or prepare it to accept cargo. Pull the stick to the left to close the bucket, or raise it for moving the cargo.

Operating the Movement Functions

The left joystick will operate your movements. The stick will move you in any similar way to an arcade video game joystick. Push it forward to move straight, pull back to back up. Always use your mirrors and never back up without clearance of any living things or objects. You pull it to the left to turn the cab left or the right to turn to the right. Pushing at an angle will make the machine turn in those directions.

Loading and Unloading Cargo

Drop the bucket completely, and drive into the pile you will be moving. Use the boom and bucket stick to raise the pile slightly. You want to avoid large raises if possible when moving to avoid tipping your skid steer. Safety should always be the number one priority so make sure you are dropping the load safely. Raising the lap safety bar will immediately stop and park the vehicle in an emergency.

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