SCAG Power Equipment in Gardiner, Maine, and Beyond

Gardiner Rental Center Offers SCAG Lawn Mowing Equipment

Gardiner Rental Center provides SCAG lawn mowers for sale or rent in Gardiner, Maine, and beyond. Is the back-breaking experience of a push lawn mower exhausting? Would you prefer a more relaxing mowing experience with equally beautiful results? SCAG provides some great options. 

Gardiner Rental Center also offers SCAG brand lawn mowing equipment for sale. We have a wide variety of mowers on sight, so contact us today for more information and financing. We also accept phone calls for further instructions on the machine at (207) 588-0566 and information on pricing. 

SCAG Standing and Seated Lawn Mowing for Fast and Easy Work

Gardiner Rental Center only offers the best equipment and parts. We understand that quality is important when handling landscaping care. For the best lawn mowing equipment money can buy, we stand behind SCAG. Gardiner Rental Center only stocks the most trusted brands in power equipment. We believe that SCAG provides both quality equipment and trustworthy customer service.

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SCAG Lawn Equipment Comes with a History of Service

SCAG lawn mowers have been around since 1983. In that time, SCAG has become one of the largest independent manufacturers of commercial mowing equipment in the world. Most SCAG mowers come with the exclusive SCAG heavy-duty cutter-blade spindle. SCAG spindles have cast-iron housing for increased shock-load strength. They also come with tapered roller bearings for 50 percent more load-carrying capacity than ball bearings. SCAG products come with warranties and financing options are available.

Standing, Walk-Behind, and Riding Mower Options from SCAG

SCAG has easy to operate equipment of the standing, walk-behind, and riding variety. With this assortment of options, the right lawnmower for you is likely available. We also provide service on these mowers and can work on their small engine repairs. You can purchase any of the necessary parts or attachments for SCAG mowers here. Gardiner Rental Center offers many SCAG brand products, so come by and see what we can do to help you.

Visit Gardiner Rental Center in Gardiner, Maine today for SCAG mowing products.