Chipper Rentals in Gardiner, Maine, and Surrounding Areas

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Chipper Rentals for Easy Chipping

Gardiner Rental Center provides high-power Eager Beaver woodchippers in Gardiner, Maine, and surrounding areas. Do you have a small area of your house that needs some cleaning up and care? With a quality woodchipper, brush and small tree clearing can become a breeze.

We offer Eager Beaver brand woodchippers to quickly rip those piles of wood and brush to shreds. Please refer to our operation instructions on this page or contact us today for more information. We also accept phone calls during business hours for further instructions on the machine at (207) 588-0566.


Operating the Eager Beaver Chipper

Before Entering the Lift

Eager Beaver prides themselves on simple to use and maintain products. Be mindful of everything around the machine before operating it. Wear some kind of hearing and vision protection and avoid loose clothing.

To operate the chipper, turn the ignition key on and a menu will boot up. Use the “Rabbit” button to increase speed and the “Turtle” button to lower the speed of the chipper. To engage the chipper, set it to 1200 RPMs and drop the lever. Increase the RPMs of the chipper to 2600 and the chipper will be ready to accept wood. At this point the chipper should be fully operational and ready for use.

Continued Operation of the Eager Beaver Chipper

From this point on, the operation of the chipper is as simple as feeding the wood and brush into the back feeder. There is a discharge shoot that will launch your freshly shredded wood, you will want to stay clear of that. Also, make sure that it is not firing wood into anything that it could damage or harm.

Use longer pieces of wood to feed smaller pieces in and keep your body parts as far from the blades as possible. In the event of a jam or a worst-case scenario of an accident, there is a safety bar to reverse the blades. This will force them in the opposite direction and free the obstruction.

Gardiner Rental Center provides high-power Eager Beaver woodchippers to Gardiner, Maine, and beyond.