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Gardiner Rental Center provides backhoe rentals to Gardiner, Maine, and surrounding areas. Backhoes are commonly used on smaller jobs than an excavator would require. Backhoes provide a cheaper option for smaller jobs and jobs where an excavator just is not necessary. Please refer to our operation instructions on this page or contact us today for more information. We also accept phone calls for further instructions on the machine at (207) 588-0566.


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As a backhoe is essentially a smaller excavator they operate similarly. To operate the blade, pull back on the left joystick to raise it and push forward to lower it. The blade must be set hard into the ground before excavating for stability. The steering system is relatively similar to a car. There will be an adjustable wheel and seat with pedals that will be familiar with an automatic vehicle. When operating the vehicle make sure that all the proper safety precautions are being followed.

Backhoe Equipment Operation

Operate the backhoe in a similar way to the excavator. There will be two levers, one of which will raise and lower the arm. The other will provide control to the left or right in swinging motions. When operating this equipment it is always wise to be low and tight to the ground with your cargo. Anything about the hood may be unstable and unsafe to move. When one side of the backhoe is not in operation, the opposite side should be in a safe position. Never operate one side of the backhoe without first securing the other.

Important Safety Precautions

With all of this in mind, we do still recommend a thorough understanding of the provided manual before use. Treat every piece of large machinery with great care to maintain safety. Any piece of equipment can prove hazardous when handled incorrectly. For more information on our backhoes, please call or visit Gardiner Rental Center in Gardiner, Maine today.

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